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Electronics, Java Programming and More

A very java popular blog is moving soon to this site. So far, new electronics projects like the 8085 trainer, an Atari7800 mod and AVR Projects have moved in. And if you are into gadgets, check them out.

Cat Yarns

Kitty love

Ninja Obsessed

Ninja mania!

Retropolis and Celtic Art

Brad Schenck is the most versatile and talented artist I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I met Brad the Celtic harp builder and later attended the unveiling of his mural in the Thousand Oaks public library. He's since had several successful computer game credits and his artwork spans past, present and future.

My First Telescope

A very popular blog is moving soon to this site.

Amaryllis Tales

Digressions into creative writing.

Health and Wealth:

On this journey we call life, two things matter most. Having health and wealth to allow us to truly make choices when we come to that fork in the road.