The Most Terrifying Thing!

What is it that more people fear than anything? The answer may surprise you.

I see, I forget.

I hear,

I remember.

I do,

I understand.

- Chinese Proverbs


You walk into a darkened room. All is silent and you are all alone. Then, without warning, something lands on your hand and begins to climb up your arm. You scream and brush frantically at your arm, but it's only a daddy long legs. Really a very harmless spider.

Is arachnophobia the greatest fear? What could be worse than watching a spider fall into your dinner plate? Or even worse, feel it land on your arm when you least expect it?

Or perhaps you are a bit superstitious and you know the most terrifying day of the year is Friday the 13th. Then you know triskaidekaphobia may be your greatest fear.

For those who suffer agoraphobia there is nothing worse than breaking into a cold sweat when you think about a stroll in the great outdoors.

In these swine-flu times, being a bacteriaphobe can actually be healthy for you.

Number 2 is pteromerhanophobia. As if airplanes weren't scary enough, now we have terrorists to add to a fear of flying.

As scary as all those things are, they rank at most a distant second to THE single greatest fear shared by most people.

So what could be scarier than spiders, 13, outdoors, germs or an airplane?

Glossophobia the fear of speaking in public.

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