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Data Center Moves: Promises and Pitfalls

As CEOs and CIOs look for ways to reduce costs while improving their competitive posture, offerings of data center modernization, migration, virtualization or moving to the cloud provide tantalizing promises. Learn how to separate promises from pitfalls.

The Most Terrifying Thing!

What is it that more people fear than anything else? The answer may surprise you.




Although technology is all about the future, I do enjoy the occassional retrospective. I've created a new link to highlight some of my early career accomplishments. Since most of my work is conducted under non-disclosure agreements, it's refreshing for me to find samples I can share.

Knowledge Integration: Retro

Systems Development Life Cycle

SDLC can improve delivery on business-critical projects by creating a common process and language for those who translate strategy into solutions by implementing projects.

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How Will You Know When You Are Wealthy?

Wouldn't it be a shame if you were wealthy & didn't know it? Don't be caught by this trap. Six simple signposts.

The Antidote to Wealth

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

Teddy Roosevelt

Do you fear failure?

In Memorium: Michael Jackson

A life which touched millions, including mine. "ABC" was a fun song when I was a child, and is still fun today for young girls learning to dance.

RIP, Michael. We will miss you.

Health and Wealth:

On this journey we call life, two things matter most. Having health and wealth to allow us to truly make choices when we come to that fork in the road.

Microwave Fitness

The microwave is a symbol of quick, easy food, but what does fast food have to do with fitness?